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Get Contractors Insurance in Minnesota

At RJR Faribo Insurance Agency, we've got the tools to build the right insurance coverage for contractors across our great state of Minnesota. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting a new business, we can offer you contractor insurance designed to nail down the protection you need for your business to thrive!

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Why juggle multiple insurance policies when you can bundle them up with RJR Faribo Insurance Agency? Our goal is to help make it as easy as possible for contractors to easily and conveniently bundle their business insurance, providing a seamless solution for all your coverage needs.

It's like having a complete toolkit for protecting your business! Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our business insurance experts!

Customized Contractor Insurance Coverage

RJR Faribo Insurance Agency understands that every contractor's business operations are unique. RJR Faribo Insurance Agency offers options for contractor insurance that allow you to customize your coverage completely. Whether you're a carpenter, electrician, or plumber, we've got the right mix of coverage to fit your specific needs and budget.

Let's build a plan that works for you! Stop by any of our Minnesota office locations today to start customizing your contractor insurance plan.

What Can Premium Contractor Insurance Do for You?

Premium contractor insurance means more than just coverage; it's about providing you with more peace of mind for your business so that you can stay focused on all your other operational tasks at hand.

Here's how the right contractor insurance can benefit your business.

Liability Protection

Contracting comes with its share of uncertainties, but your insurance coverage shouldn't be one of them. RJR Faribo Insurance Agency provides comprehensive liability protection, ensuring you're covered in every twist and turn of your contracting journey.

Workers Compensation

Your team is the backbone of your business. By implementing the right worker's compensation coverage into your contractor's insurance, RJR Faribo Insurance Agency will make sure your employees are always covered.

In the unfortunate event of an injury or accident, this coverage ensures they're taken care of, allowing your business to continue building without missing a beat.

Preserve Your Property

Tools, equipment, and property are essential to your business. Contractor insurance helps you preserve your property, covering unexpected events like theft, damage, or vandalism.

Your assets are as valuable to us as they are to you!


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