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Get Affordable Renters Insurance in Minnesota

Congratulations! You've found the perfect place to call home in Minnesota. Now, let's talk about protecting your new space with renters insurance, courtesy of RJR Faribo Insurance Agency.

Our mission is not only to find you the best coverage possible but to bring you peace of mind with a side of neighborly charm.

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Life is unpredictable, and you never know what stress any unexpected event can bring. Don't wait until a mishap becomes a major hassle! Renters insurance is your key to securing the space you've worked hard to make your own. 

Whether a fire has wreaked havoc in your cozy living room or that vintage record collection fell victim to water damage, renters insurance will always have you covered. Contact us today to explore all your options regarding renters insurance!

Coverage & Protection When You Need It Most

RJR Faribo Insurance Agency understands the value of your personal space and belongings. That’s why we strive to match you with renters insurance policies designed to step in when life throws you a curveball. For many renters in Minnesota, renters insurance is just one of those things that often goes overlooked until disaster strikes and precious possessions are lost.

It’s time to stop putting off renters insurance once and for all! Visit any of our office locations in Minnesota to speak with an independent insurance agent today.

What Can Renters Insurance Cover?

So, how can renters insurance make your rental space feel even more like home? By putting your mind at ease and saving you considerable time further down the road.

Personal Property

Your place is filled with items that make it uniquely yours, from furniture to electronics, clothing, and beyond. Renters insurance will cover your personal belongings, ensuring that even in the face of unforeseen circumstances, you can quickly replace them and return to enjoying the comforts of your home.

Custom Coverage Limits

We get it: One size doesn't fit all. Your coverage should be as unique as you are.

With RJR Faribo Insurance Agency, you can tailor your renters insurance to match the needs of your lifestyle and budget. Let’s work together to set custom coverage limits that suit your space, providing the flexibility and protection you deserve.

Personal Liability

Accidents happen, and sometimes they involve more than just your belongings. Whether it's a clumsy moment or an unexpected guest injury, we've got the coverage you need to navigate life's little surprises.

Another benefit of renters insurance is that it doesn't just protect your stuff; It also offers personal liability coverage.

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