General Liability Insurance

Get Minnesota Commercial Liability Insurance

Feel like your business insurance policy could use a refresh? RJR Faribo Insurance Agency understands every Minnesota business's unique challenges, so we offer a wide range of protective general liability insurance options that are custom-tailored to keep your business secure, even in the face of unexpected challenges!

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  • One-on-One Insurance Consultation Services
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With decades of business insurance experience, RJR Faribo Insurance Agency is your reliable partner for finding the best general liability insurance coverage in Minnesota. We bring a wealth of commercial insurance knowledge, working with you directly to find applicable insurance solutions that give your business the coverage it deserves.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our insurance experts and maximize your coverage!

Personalized Insurance Guidance Every Step of the Way

Getting the best general liability insurance means being protected against a wide range of worst-case scenarios. Our one-on-one insurance consultation services ensure that you receive personalized guidance throughout the entire insurance application and enrollment process, allowing us to tailor business insurance solutions that align perfectly with your company’s requirements.

Whether receiving free quotes on insurance policies or exploring all your options with industry-leading carriers, our team of independent insurance agents is always available to help personalize your insurance policies!

What Can General Liability Insurance Do for Your Business?

At RJR Faribo Insurance Agency, our agents offer insurance bundling consultations and strategies customized for your company, ensuring a streamlined approach to coverage that maximizes protection while taking the stress out of figuring out policies and costs.

Discover how we can help you get the most out of your general liability insurance coverage!

Maximum Liability Coverage

General liability insurance is your first line of defense regarding protection from the unknown! From on-site accidents to property damage, getting the right coverage ensures you're protected against unexpected events, allowing your business to thrive without any interruption.

Protect Your Employees

Contractors know all too well how essential their employees are, especially when taking care of them whenever they experience setbacks.

With the right workers compensation coverage, you can ensure your employees are always accounted for in the event of an injury, maintaining your business can move forward while providing relief for any unexpected setbacks.

Bundle Policies & Save Big!

Looking for coverage and protection for multiple areas of your business? By bundling your policies, RJR Faribo Insurance Agency can provide you with a streamlined approach to insurance that maximizes your coverage while minimizing complexity and costs.


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